Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kapas is now Kupas

I have a puppy and his name is Kapas. But he is not as fluffy as a kapas anymore because his kepala already terkupas.
This was yesterday when we went to the vet to clean the wound

 This particular dog has been a frequent visitor to the vet. Within 6 months he has been there in like 5 times, sampai the vet pun very kenal with him. So many problems. But the recent problem was caused by being too friendly and innocent to the neighbor dog that he was bitten in the head by a crazy bigger dog

Aiyo kapas, kapas! Suka cari penyakit bah kau!
Now since the gash on his head tidak boleh jahit already so just gonna let it heal and must clean it everyday for him. But the lalat is driving him up the wall, so mesti sedia the fan to drive away the lalat for him. First class betul. Hmppphh!

Ignore the messy shoes and sandals..hehehe


Amanda Christine Wong said...

aiya...sian. my puppy pun baru2 kena giuk. again. the same dog, si mikey. same spot jg. know what, if your pup sdh kena jarum yg kutu-cacing-kulit, n kena spray biru (which is for wound yg bergiuk) AND taru itu dry dressing powder, lalat nda mau dkt sdh tu. sdh nda payah la pup ko berkipas like a boss :D

Joan said...

yea..now that u reminded me.. that magic powder ( dry dressing powder ) sama function like iodin bah kan. cos my pup suka mau garu his wound bah..then bikin luka lagi ni