Monday, April 02, 2012

is it Monday today?

It sure feels good to have a very good workout everyday. Did Zumba today - at least it is a consolation for the rest of the not-so-good Monday that I am having.

I was at the TLDM Sepanggar Hangar today for the MSSB Barat Netball tournament. Our team, Tuaran, is totally the underdog. Been at the last place since like forever. Haha. But, it is my first time coaching the team for this year. I was given like a week to form a team with players from 4 different schools. So the result is kinda like a half-baked cake. Hmmppph.

One thing for sure that most of the players are lacking is the mental power to overcome their own fear and nerves inside the game. I told them numerous times " You are who you think you are, if you choose to feel scared the moment you step into the court, then you will be scared "

Ahhh. But not all will absorb it like a sponge. They continued to be scared and only one or two will listen to the coach and fight the battle of their own.

I believe in them to perform their best but the simplest thing to do for themselves, that is to believe that THEY CAN DO IT, they fail. Sigh!

We have one more game tomorrow against Ranau team. I am hoping the girls will find inspiration to believe in optimism in their sleep tonight.

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CathJ said...

Wow.. Bukan senang oh mau ajar sumandaks kan.... Anyway... All the best chegu... :)