Sunday, April 22, 2012


I wonder why this sport is called fencing. Fencing, fence = pagar, so fencing is berpagar? Haha. But being one of the advisor teacher for the fencing club am obliged to be at the fencing centre when there's a tournament; just like today.

I learned a bit about this "alien" sport just because my sisters are so into this sport. I have never tried it myself but I know the sport is not cheap. It is such a privilege to have the club in school because the students from my area (luar bandar) could have a taste of a more "urban" kind of sport. I guess my school is one of the few school in Sabah to have this Fencing Club in our school.

But somehow being at this centre, of course, one could see why we should feel inferior towards the "city" counterparts. They came to the tournament with their own sword, own attire, own mask and we have to borrow the soiled ones provided by the centre. Well, beggars can't be choosers right.

Somehow these "beggars" have showed potential and some of my ex students even have made it or almost made it to the Sukma team representing Sabah. Hoping that the spirit to try and be at par with others will continue to go on and hope the coaches from this centre will continue to guide the kids from my school.

This is my sisters warming up for the event later. Haha. The attire looks funny right? Oh, another long day sitting here and watching -_-

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