Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sad sad sad country

For every time there's an issue towards something, religion is usually the best weapon to build up people's wrath towards something.

I am not gonna say anything about the Erykah Badu's concert issue. I am like speechless towards how people can react to a temporary body paint that spells out Allah can cause such chaos to the point where they can claim that it could misleading. There are so many ways to overcome this and just let her do the concert but instead some people choose the option make this nation very close minded.

And reading some articles and comments of others over this matter, it saddens me because people are again fighting over religion. It's as if seeing kids fighting among each other telling one another my dad is more hebat than your daddy. It's totally childish!

Also I saw someone hurling a question to the other over twitter. Something like "can you explain what benefit can Erykah Badu's concert bring for the Muslims in this country?" - Alamak! How shallow people can be. And some are calling Erykah Badu as negro or nigger. Hey, can you all just grow up?

Just stop thinking about what others can bring good to your religion or to your country or to your community. Start growing up by thinking how you can help in the first place?

If you think condemning others be it by picking on religion or race somehow will protect your religion or race - think again. What good does it do to you first? Dosa saja tu. haiya! Itu pun nda bulih pikir ka.

P.S: Erykah Badu, do have your concert in Singapore. Many Malaysians are willing to cross over just to watch it just like any other big superstars concerts done there. The government over there is less judgmental. Also the Singaporeans will be smiling ear to ear because always the money will come to them. Malaysia always choose to be the "wiser" brother.


stan said...

(myibuk jap c ni)...our current leader lack the intlectual as for them this one is kinda a grand issue to show how good they are...remember who to kick out during ge13...

Joan said...

hello stan.. yeah. to think this as a whole..everyone play a part. even though its small. tapi the leaders yang politicizing everything also have to stop la kan.