Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Come Monday and all the nice things seems to go away. Don't you think so? Just the thought of going to work send some bad vibes up in the air for me. Semua orang saya mau marah ini hari.

And so like usual, I will go to work late. It is on rare occasions only, I will be early on time to work. Adui. Mana la mau cari motivasi ni.

Thoughts of relocating to another new environment is always there but things are quite unsure still. And there's a lot to sacrifice because I have to be with my sisters to sing. Singing is the only way to keep my sanity these days. Going to work is just like a daze and it is just a process to get the food to be on the table and to get the bills paid. Oh, how I long the teaching career is something that is satisfying for the soul.

I can see some of my colleagues are all aim-driven teachers, aiming for DG44 or DG48 or some Guru Cemerlang and what not. Me? I am like I-will-do-whatever-what-is-being-given-to-me-and-continue-living-because-I-do-not-have-goals.

Kenapa lah saya nda bulih bercita-cita mau jadi Guru Cemerlang kunun ni? 4 years into this career and I still don't know where to start...


chegu carol said...

saya pun teda cita2 jadi guru cemerlang. the thought of having to blow some asses for that title is mind-numbing. but then again, the reason im still where i am is bcos for as many jobs ive been working with, this is the one job that i havent had regrets to wake up in the morning. ^^


stan said...

monday sure is sucks...well u are not the only one without any goal set towards your career....me also hahaha, recently we get our yearly increment. All my fren sibuk mengira then jumping with a big smile, some tangan atas kepala macam ambi penalty nda masuk time world cup..some marahx2, talking about keadilan, mcm dalam parilimen debat pasal budget...me, surf the net doing my stuff...then my senior came to me with these face 0_o...he said, org len sibuk kira gaji ko buat bodo ja...then i was thinking...
1. Either i'm stupid?
2. Lack of motivation?
3. Lack the desire to be rich?
4. To humble?
5. Or just plain stupid?

Jesse Tan said...

I wish I am a gov teacher now Joan!Too bad I nvr gt call for KPLI or DPLI?!Makin tua suda sy i dunoe if i still wanna continue my ambition to be a teacher cz i'll be starting at the lowest grade compare to others..huhu