Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saya bakar itu hujan

It has been quite warm these days. Bukan lagi warm I think. Its like scorching and burning hot especially in the afternoon. And so it was the MSSD Tuaran Athletics meet this week. Bah apa lagi. Sun burn lah. I guess most teachers who are "actively" participating in the effort of making the champions of their school has increased their level of tan for their skin.

Mine is not very severe this time as compared to previous years where I became the Red Panda. This time pandai bertapuk from the sun sudah.

Almost one week missing from work, my focus is rather screwed up. I sort of forget where did I left my lessons with the students.

Anway, here's some pembakaran of the hujan. Enjoy a cover from me and my sisters. Ada tersumbang-sumbang skit tu voicing sebab nda fit tu sora..kenen..

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