Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Go go Valentine's Day!

2 candles next to my name there and 1 candle next to my sister's. Umur kami 37 tahun kunun. Haha.( My birthday was yesterday and hers is today )

My sister said "Eee..kakak tua sudah oh"

Ah cilaka punya budak. You think you are getting any younger too? green eyed monster mode now. Haha.

Life's like that. When you are about to enter your 20's everything is like so fun and energetic and you can't wait to have your 18th birthday or even better your 21st birthday. Legal drinking age la konon. Pui.

But when you are at the other end. Adoooiiiii.. Macam year by year makin in denial ni. Ah? Help me!

Yeah. People say age is just a number but I still like to think I am 25. *chuckles*

Anyway, hope everyone is happy this Valentine's Day. I always thought that Valentine's Day is a universal day not necessarily meant for lovers/ couples. Love is for all isn't it?

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stan said...

"Love is for all isn't it?" .....yeah agree, its like i love my car...happy valentine to my car lol...