Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tapau bring, tapau home

Thursday is the second busiest day of the week. But everything feels like eternity today. Busy day. Sore throat some more and throbbing head. Didn't manage to have lunch at home so I tapau some from home and plan to eat when I have free time at school.

Guess what? No free time. The moment I leave my desk at 1pm to go to class, I came back only when the bell rang. Damn! Crazy day.

Anyway, my right eye is sorta red at one corner. I don't know why. I can't sleep now even though I felt feverish. Saw XiaXue's post on her doing an eye surgery ( for beauty purpose of course ) I adore her courage to do all that - and to endure the pain. Salute!

And she included one link as well, you can check it here . I don't read any mandarin but from the sequence of pictures in order to get this beautiful pair of doll-like-eyes.
Oh Mai Gad!!


chegu carol said...

eerghhh...eyes and chin thanks la. ngilu sdh sa tingu tu gambar ja...

Joan said...

ya bah..and all the pain..gosh!!

Dev Clarehova said... pingsan sa tingu pic dia yg baru kena bedah teda ke'sanggup'an yg tahap begitu o...biar la mata kici...;p

Mas Light said...

I will not change mata sepetku @_@

I rather have lipo kekekek kasi ilang lemaks XD *kidding kidding