Wednesday, July 21, 2010

she is scary

a freaky attempt to be cute as a doll and charming as an angel.

Pre-shoot checklist

  • Blonde Wig ->[double check]
  • Dilate-me-pupils contact lens ->[check-check-check!]
  • Super long fake lashes -> [oh check]
  • Super tebal and cakey powder that can make my skin sparkle like a vampire under the sun -> [CHECK!!!!! ]
During shoot checklist
  • Hold the camera at arms length
  • Hover camera in front of face
  • Stare very hard at the camera to make sure eyes looks like its bulging out from the socket
  • Pout like a sick golden fish or a roasted duck
  • Click the shutter button ( or in low light condition must hold the camera very steady cos any movement will make the image appear like a ghost )
  • If not nice, can delete
  • If nice, take some more ( with same pose cos face is very chio! )
  • and take some more until arms got tired
After shoot checklist
  • Upload to computer
  • Open very easy editing software ( easiest is Picnik )
  • Bloom the pictures as much as you can so that everything looks angelic
  • Crop out the messy room behind your face
  • Voila! Done..
  • Upload to facebook

So, what do you think?

To me the outcome looks scary. Freaky!! I will have nightmares tonight.

p.s: btw, she's one of my students ( running away now )

don't they ever learn that the mad awesome pictures of their beloved k-pop and j-pop idols on magazines have undergone cosmetic surgeries to look good or at least got their photos severely photoshopped? tsk tsk tsk


Mas Light said...

Some ppl have it, some ppl dun. I have some frens do this kinda photo camwhore before, and it works, but for this, I have no comment, or I rather not say anything

chegu carol said...

sorry lah to your students but i have to say this...the wig is totally out (of alignment)...and the way she stares at the camera mcm terkezut ni. didnt they learn to at least put the camera up above head level to get the cutey big eyes look. this one too straight to the face la...i think she can pull the pose better if the camera is correctly angled. *sempat kasi tips lagi kunu ni*

Annie said...

OMG yes she's scary!

Joan said...

haha..IMHO dia jadi bride of chucky ngam ni..

LaViaP said...

oh man! that's one scary looking doll! ngam la jadi chucky bride!