Friday, July 09, 2010

Pamper Me Day

Starting this 2nd half of the year, I came to realize that I should do something to reward myself from time to time.

I guess I have been doing it ever since anyway ( all that only conclude to retail therapy - which is not good since the CC bill won't be decreasing that way )

Rewarding myself ; like treating myself to a relaxing massage, a good afternoon siesta time, a foot reflexology...just to keep myself sane.

I make it a point to at least try and do it on a free Saturday. ( You know some Saturdays you will have some event or program at school ). These things need to be done to escape from reality. THE CHAOS!

So, what shall I do this Saturday?

Urm actually I have to be in school in the morning to deal with some stuff. Hoping its gonna be a short one.

Initially I wanted to visit this shop called Frangipani in 1B to do some manicure and nail art. But come to think of it, I am actually really broke now ( speaking in a very low tone ). So, I decided otherwise.

Maybe I will just pick up some new nail colors at 1B and do my own manicure session in the afternoon. BIG GRIN

And remember this book?
Hehehe. I bought this like last year ( or maybe the year before that .. I can't remember) and I haven't even flipped past 20 pages. I even brought it to Europe and back. Damn.

So, I try to finish it by this weekend. Haha. Fat hopes eh?

At least I am giving it a try right? Hehe


TaQuiLa said...

you are broke, so do me..

chegu carol said...

but doing your own mani and pedi isnt pampering yourself. you need someone to do it. :(

Joan said...

sheila. huhu

carol..tight budget ni. so terpaksa la. hehe