Sunday, May 13, 2012

The weekend it was

After the chaos of the Tuaran Unduk Ngadau starts to fizzle out, I felt battered the day after. Luckily my Friday's schedule was not so hectic. But on another note, I have to focus on school/work. And you know what is every teacher's nightmare when the exam week came and the papers have been photocopied?

YESSSSSS. clipping the papers!

Thank God for the willingness of my youngest sister to help me. But nothing comes for free mind you. Ada bayaran lagi kana minta. Bayar pun bayar lah. Janji siap.


We had a show at Louis Pang's studio re-opening in Likas Square and after that we kinda rushed home because Didi wanted to go for the Jay Park showcase.

I managed to go in because Dino gave me one pass. Thank you so much for that Dino!

Honestly, I don't really know who Jay Park is - but my sisters and cousins are crazy about him. But pigi tinguk sajalah since he is in KK kan.

Terus terjumpa budak budak skul saya sana lagi - adui, malu juga lah sikit. Hahahaha

I tell you...inside the arena (as I called it ), it was packed!! Especially the area which allow them to go for fan meeting after the showcase ( mine was only for showcase ). Jay Park is big here and given that he speaks good English because he is Korean American, made all the communication better because he doesn't need a translator.

My sister and I trying to stay clear from the crowded places but to no avail when the rest of the people came swarming in. Didi and my cousin were way in front at the other area ( fan meeting zone ).

Once the show kicked off, all I can see is this.

Heads, hands and camera phones... Hmmmm, typical Malaysian style of watching a live show. Mesti mau rakam. Heran saya. Go there for what, tidak pandai enjoy live show betul.

Basically I just can't see anything except through the screen of those phone cameras. Well, at least that's something that I can be thankful for the hundreds of phone cameras.

Being short is not helping also for this kind of event. Hmmmm.


Again another show at the Louis Pang Studio show. It is a privilege to sing for one of Asia's top photographer studio re-opening. Sama kana bagi ini lagi. Happy!! Wheeeee...

Then, of course at home in the evening ada our own Mother's Day celebration. 

Suddenly blackout kunun right before the potong cake session, but the program has to go on juga kan. Photos are also a must. So, Mimi's phone provide the "wireless flash" using her torchlight app and I took the photo using my phone.

The outcome is quite nice juga oh. Jadi juga itu wireless flash technique. Haha.

And the blackout also turned the dinner to be a candlelight dinner lagi. Smart kan?

Happy Mother's Day MAM! We love you!

And also happy mama's day to all supermoms out there ^_^


Faybaloche said...

Punya takazut sia nampak muka si steph in ur blog..haha..Btw, I'm steph's coursemate..LOL..I guess you're from tamparuli then hehe..

Joan said...

hello fay! ya am from steph tu kira my junior and also my former student when she was in form six