Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Irritating ringtone

We choose our ringtone because we love the sound the best and it should be a joy listening to it especially when the phone rings.

But these days, it is not something that really pleasant to my ears. As of late, I am usually awakened by the sound of messages coming in and even more dramatic; phone calls from work. You see, I teach in the afternoon and my working hours doesn't start until 12noon. Why should I be entertaining calls from work right at 7 or 8am when I am still in bed or just about to wake up. It really does made me to wake up at the wrong side of the bed. Ruining my mood the whole day. -_-

Moreover, these phone calls or messages are usually from my principal or the penolong kanan. Sigh. And also I have been moody for the past few days because of the workload and catching up deadlines therefore I put on airplane mode for my phone last night and slept early.

Hey, I got a restful sleep despite some minor toss and turns when my mind starts to think about work. I turned on my phone back to normal mode half an hour ago and guess what theres indeed a miscall by the boss at around 8am which I haven't turned on my phone that time. Muahahahahaha. Biar. If it is that urgent they will call back definitely.

In the meantime, I gotta persevere and pull through this torturing week at work. Happy teacher's day to me and all the teachers out there. We are the champions of minds!


TaQuiLa said...

ko patut minta claim OT (haha..teacher ada ka?). alang2 ko minta tukar p sidang pagi ba..baru la siok, awal pagi suda terpacak ko di school :P

ba..selamat hari guru juga moi!

Joan said...

no chance to go pagi..tidak cukup guru maths seblah petang ni..huhu..

happy teacher's day juga moi.

stan said...

My favorite ring tone for my office..the imperial march, do me wonders...happy cigu day...