Friday, March 06, 2015

Here is the weekend

One question posed to me earlier today that really got me smirking until now.

"Are you a muslim?"

Hey it has been a while since I got that asked to my face. 

Well, my classmate saw my full name today

Joan Vivienne Moo binti Rejoss

Usually i will just write "Joan Moo" or "Joan V. Moo" in the attendance list. So she sorta saw my computer screen with my full name there and boom the question. Haha. I don't blame her though for the lack of exposure of the culture and background of the people especially from Sabah.

I usually get this question every now and then when I was studying in Penang and I don't get questioned for my weird name when I am in homeground because in Sabah everyone has weird names (well, almost). So, now I am back in west Malaysia then I suddenly became the one of the rare species.

People have questions with my name, my look, my language as I don't fit to the main 3 races generic look. When i went to the wet market here and start speaking Malay to purchase pork,; haha! Imagine the look of the aunty or uncle who are selling it. They will be like "you orang apa?" Or rather one aunty will be like "oh ini Cina Melayu!" -- errr, how on earth is that possible? But the binti in my name really help saving a lot of money when purchasing property though because of the bumiputera discount. Oh, well the perks of being weird. Hahaha. 

I am never dropping the 'binti' from my name. Hahaha. Some Sabahans I know ada yang pigi buka tu binti. 

Binti = weird .... But i like it!

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