Monday, March 23, 2015

DIY Ombre Hair (Kylie Jenner Inspired)

So, ombre hair is the craze now. When I did mine back in 2012, people will be saying like "napa dye ko ni di bawah saja?" 

Then hair chalking came and what not. I honestly don't like hair chalk because it make the hair uhmmm.. chalky. Hahaha

Anyway, here is a recent project that I did as requested by my sister. This DIY could save you at least MYR100 of labour charge at the saloon.

Well, here's some sharing on it.

Gatsby Hair Bleach (bought from Watson), it's the same hair bleach that I used on my hair project last time. Here's how it look like if you are wondering

What you should do next is a no brainer! Bleach the ends and make sure it is evenly applied (that's all!) and of course wait long enough to make it go blonde (don't be afraid, the lighter the color, the easier the colorful dye to pop out). My sister kept the bleach on her hair for around 30-40 minutes.

The result is on the upper right hand photo. 

The next process to get the greenish turquoise colour is by using the Manic Panic Semi Permanent Dye (bought from . Since DIY-ing always require your own energy, so give yourself and the hair a rest and try dyeing again the next day. Trust me, you will be more patient to wait for the color to set in.

The color is ATOMIC TURQUOISE and for this we did not even finish one tub of the hair dye because we are cheapskate like that and to keep for retouching purpose next month.

 Repeat the same process like bleaching the hair. And Voila!!! The result is on the lower right hand photo.

Although the color is not like what the catalog said but fuck it...It still look awesome. Yeah!!!


Amanda Christine Wong said...

Mantang2 you're not teaching at the moment. Ugh jealous!

Joan said...

@Amanda... kekekekeke. Btw, ur new haircut is so cool!