Sunday, September 02, 2012

Dip dye aka ombre hair DIY

Lately, I am just so crazy with hair color and with my sister keep on mentioning about dip dyed hair, it really made me so determined to do it properly this time because after the hair dye activity done weeks earlier didn't really deliver the desired result.

At first, my sister wanted a dip dye hair color ( ombre hair ) with the ends dyed in red. But without bleaching, it really didn't deliver. Still contemplating between a visit to the hair salon which will cost me around RM200 or just a trip to Watsons to buy a hair dye and a bleach which will cost me RM50.

So, a trip to Watson it was. Gatsby hair bleach is around RM19.80 and the Revlon haircolour is around RM22.  Can't remember the price. Threw away the receipt already. So all in all it was less than RM50 and my sister and I split the cost 50-50 lagi. Hehehe.

This was what inside the Gatsby hair bleach box.

The photo before our project. Teehee!
So, I bleached only the ends of my hair. ( Well, part of it because if there's anything that will go wrong, I can just cut off the damaged part. Haha ). As recommended by the instruction on the box, I bleached my hair for 20mins only. Not more than here is the result.

Since I have dyed my hair before, the bleach reacted quite fast especially to the part that was severely damaged by hair dye before. See the blonde ends. 
I really don't like the sight of that blonde ends actually, by right, I should have let my hair "rest" for 24 hours or so before another hair dye session again. But cannot tunggu lah! So later in the evening, dye the ends again.

This was what inside of the box

We take turns to be kuli and boss. Hahaha
Wash, blow and dry. Here's the result the morning after ( too tired to take photo right after my hair kering that evening ). Anyway, I am envious with my sister's hair. The dip dye effect is more prominent on her hair since her hair is curly and mine is not.

So, the solution is get a hair curler and curl it. Hahaha

Macam Rebecca Black's hair now? Hahaha..

At the moment, I am still not satisfied because my hair has the orange-y hue to it. In search of a pink dye now. Tunggggguuuuuuuu... ^__^

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