Sunday, September 02, 2012

Kuching getaway (again)

This year is like the most mileage done ever to date. Why? Domestic travel is like a lot and for this year alone I have been to Kuching like 3 times. March was for high school reunion, July was for RWMF and August is for my best friend's wedding.

Pullman Hotel was awesome! But I dislike their pool..It's dirty

In search of the most delicious Kolok Mee , futile though! Timing not ngam

But at least get to meet my cousins..Yeay!

Congratulations friend! Cath memang bride paling rock okay..

Congratulations again

So, I went jalan-jalan around Kuching. Hmmm, selalu tutup la the shops if it is in the afternoon and weekends. Kuchingites definitely a more laid back bunch to KK people.

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