Monday, September 03, 2012

Back to back blogging

Delayed post is what most people like to do. *cricket sounds* ~ Well, I guess it's only me then.

Anyway, earlier there were two posts back to back done in one sitting. And this is the third one. It's really like payback time now since the hiatus a few weeks earlier. Hmm. Not that anyone missed me right?

As of now, the dizzy spells that I am having since my trip to Kuching is here to stay. Damn! Why, I just can't point out what's the reason for this.

The dizzyness: It's like negligible at times, it is more like a feeling of light headed, but not really that, swaying motion, almost not feeling my head at times. Numb-ish feeling..ah! I don't know how to describe it. But there's some pain near my ears and at the back of my neck. The pain is also hard to describe. It is not really that painful or sharp pain, it's almost like a discomfort.

I guess even a doctor can't understand any of the things mentioned earlier. I am just scared that I am going deaf because there's something wrong with my ears that causes me to have this swaying feeling and balance disruption. Or whatever it is. Should I go and see a doctor soon? I guess I will wait a few more days la. See how it goes. Hopefully this is nothing serious.

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Anyway, on another note, September is here and I sometimes dread the months where it ends with "-ber" . Why? 3 more months and it will be a new year and again a set of "popular" questions will follow. You know what I mean? the ones yang bikin panas telinga.

Bah, not only that. Now that, there's a lot of people are actually "doing" something with their life 

  • getting married
  • "multiplying"
  • getting a second degree
  • bla bla bla bla

and I am still here, like this ( So what kan? )

I hate it when I get compared with other people, and they will be all like " ko tinguk, dorang sambung belajar sudah.. ko bila lagi" or "ko tinguk, dorang kahwin ada anak sudah.. ko bila lagi?"

Hmmm, so apparently I don't have any achievements in life now. 

I don't own some fancy imported car 
I don't own a big mansion/apartment
I don't own a Master's degree
I am 27 and I still live with my parents

Basically, if I don't keep up with others, I am stuck behind. ( well, that's a nicer word ; LOSER is more like it )

Tell me again, why should I conform to the society and my family's opinion? Am I not entitled to my decision to dictate my life?

Let me just live my life okay. Hmppphhh

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