Monday, September 10, 2012

Break of redundancy


Well, it's Monday and am practically home alone (again) after a very long time. Well, my sister who is in college has gone back to school because the new term has started. So, housework all back to me (again). Not that am complaining but things gonna fall back into a routine all over again so I am thinking what is the best decision to break the redundancy.

And now I found myself having several tabs open in my browser

  • working holiday programs ( Hmmm, am I willing to trade my job of not having to face the jam everyday and I can come back home seeing my comfy bed always there for me? )
  • TEFL courses ( And suddenly I got reminded of the English teacher that I met in Korea during the study visit last year. Do I want a life like that? Sounds exciting )
  • eLearning USM ( Long distance learning in my alma mater )

Whatever it is, complacency might be a good thing or a bad thing. Just breaking into something out of the routine could be good I guess. Yet, it doesn't have to be some major life changing decisions but it could be something simple like

  • waking up an hour early than usual and catch the beautiful sunrise ( well, of course I did this today because I have to fetch my sis to UMS, doh! )
  • cook something different for lunch today ( even though no one will eat it except me )
  • or even better try picking your nose with your thumb ( and just to find out that you actually don't have big nostrils like a gorilla )
Because reflecting back to the redundant routine, it's something that I am grateful for actually. It gives me the chance to discover something new because it provides an opportunity for me to do something extraordinary today.

Yeah, am gonna go clock in before 12noon today okay.

This is an attempt of being punctual. That's extraordinary to me. Hahahahaha.

Baiklah, have a great Monday filled with gratitude people!

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