Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Here I am

When school break started, I wasn't even bothered because my mind is so occupied with the preparation for this!

After two stages and I am now in the semi final. Haha. Funny story how I ended up being in this competition. When my friend texted me about this audition, I thought it was just an ordinary one off audition and that's it. But, to my surprise when I reached the venue, it is actually a competition. Atui, punya lah!

So, that was me on the semi final stage that happen today.

After I was done with the semifinal stage, I came back and went straight to another rehearsal for an emceeing gig. A beauty pageant contest happening tomorrow.

Aaaaaannnnnnddddd, in the evening was the choir practice with the youth.

Totally, totally and eventful day and tomorrow it is already Wednesday. Tidak merasa saya pun cuti ni tau. Erk!!!!

Holy week is the busiest week ever!


Just said...

wow! congrats msk semi final! all da best!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

awesome! congrats! hope u win!