Saturday, March 23, 2013


Is it worrying to have constant headaches? Mine was consistent for one week straight. Gosh! I just wish it will go away.

Or is this the PMS causing all the unnecessary stress I am having? I no longer think I have a short fuse problem. I don't have a fuse anymore. I just blow up.

Hating all the things happening around me. And the best part is no one can really understand what are my problems so sharing about it to ease the burden is irrelevant.

The timetable issue is a never ending issue and I am supposed to play God to find the solution of trying to make insufficient supply of manpower work with the current school situation. Yes, I have the wisdom of God. And if I can't find a solution, I should find a solution. No matter what. Ah whatever! You will never understand.

Same goes with trying to find the right color scheme for the bridal party attire. I choose one color then there will be thousands of opposing opinions. How can satisfy every single other opinion in this world? Now tell me who is actually getting married? Does your thoughts even matter or you just want to take away everything that I want?

I am just trying to satisfy everyone's need and am having major headache now. If this is a an early sign of hypertension then you have succeeded in shortening my life.


chegu carol said...

work pressures could be the factor. but you were all strong before this. i reckon, it's the wedding stuffs that knocked you out this time. harap2 semua berjalan dengan lancar kio.

Joan said...

ya chegu..i guess you are right. the wedding stuff also taking off my sleeping time these days. maybe i shouldn't have too much expectations.