Friday, June 22, 2007

it ALL started with a kiss

It started with a kiss? Really ka? Does it really happen that way..Real life maybe no..But in soap opera..of course it can..haha.

I am just so hooked up with the Taiwanese Drama Series. It started with a AEC..NOt only that the guy is SO Cool and cute..the girl who is the heroin also acted very well..bringing out naiveness and clumsiness to the next level...just love her antics..and being two diff ppl came together as a couple..THe whole scene is just SO SWEET.and I believe real life situation can also bring two really different people together...hmm..I dunno since when I turned so mushy wushy this..haha..just love TV SO much these days* For fans of this series too, u can check the review here ..and be ready for the spoiler..haha


liowyingtian said...

heyy! how have you been? anyway, yup i watched that series too. IT'S SO NICE OK? lol.

Joan said...

i am ok..livin life to the fullest now..YES..the series indeed very nice..CUTE GIRL CUTE GUY..made everyone goes GA-GA