Friday, June 22, 2007

yet another un-updated one

wedding lagi..this time my aunt's..feast ur eyes with our beauty (pics below)...haha..cantik ka sumandak2 tamparuli?

behold ur roots...proud of our culture sampai go church pun pakai..*actually kena paksa ba dat*

my aunt and her husband..

"with this ring..u are obliged to jaga me till death do us part..haha" kidding!my friend Judith and her husband also got married dat day.. CONGRATS!

my dad's car jadi kereta pengantin .. these 4wd drive mmg fave for kereta pengantin la ..dat day..4 out of 5 couples came to church in 4wd cars
my cousins with their flowers trying to b cute

check out the sword!

aramai ti!

mengumpat tyme..haha..nah kedapatan..haha

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