Monday, January 17, 2011

Delayed Day 28 = Things you have been eye-ing on but havent got the chance to own it

ah..the wishlist thingy.

1) a SONY nex5
I am slowly abandoning the dslr clan *i think*, come to think of it. Film works even better. Holga perhaps? But this one ( SONY nex5 ) can take video and compact for travelling too, and it shoots dslr quality. So, what can I say...

2) Acoustic Eleuke Tenor
Spotted this at Was really planning to get one for this year but due to some budget cuts here and there, so I guess it should remain in my wishlist then.

3) The converse high top wedges
Ah, this is so cool! I just don't want plain sneakers. I NEED that extra height. (hence the wedges). LOL


CathJ said...

wow... all cool stuff... ^_^

Lindut a.k.a Carmel said...

mcm best ja tu camera tu..mcm trend sdh tu film skg tu..(cheh,pura2 kunun)hehe

Fab4Leader said...

anyway you can post links to where to buys all this stuff I love the boots

Unknown said...

I had a pair and trying to get a another pair