Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Spring Rolls!!!!!

Hello. Hello. Anyone missed me?

The end of 2010 was a hell of a journey. BUSY tidak terkata. So, minta maaf for the hiatus and the 30days blog challenge will resume tomorrow.

Anyway, it is still the first week of 2011; so I guess a "HAPPY NEW YEAR" shoutout still valid kan. hehe

Wrapping up 2010, it was filled with family moments.
That what matters this time around. I am very happy to gather with the rest of the family especially on Christmas and New Year recently. And when everyone grew up, suddenly aging is something that I dread the most now.

Did I manage to get my resolutions for 2010 done? ( let's see..)

1) Groom myself better to work ( LOL! - I look like a maid going to school you know )
** Hahaha. some days I failed okay...

2) Save more, spend less ( to start with; I won't swipe my CC for January *fingers crossed~bluek*)
** MAJOR FAIL. But I manage to keep track of my expenses and actually save. YEAY for that!

3) Get my fat ass to train Taekwondo again ( I have been delaying this for almost two years...OMG)
** I did! But I went for training like 3 times only then I stop. Don't ask why. HAHA.

4) I wanna be in the Flyweight category again please....please...please
** I went to the other end adalah. Janganlah Heavyweight..

5) Scuba diving ( need I say more? )
** Need to keep this for 2011

6) Clean my room regularly... ( Hahaha.. ini saya mau ketawa sendiri ni )
** Berjaya! Lebih berdisiplin now. I seem can't function very well if I see my room is messy

7) Be nicer to others. Swear less, gossip less ( help me! )
** Being human, I guess I can only try.... HAHAHAAHAHHA!!!

8) Get married?? Hahaha..( Buduh ka? NO LA)
** This is still out of question.. kekekekeke

Nonetheless, 2010 was quite a painful year but it really gave me such a good experience and help me to be wiser. I thank God for the challenges and also blessings. Not to mention, things are going pretty well with JADE sisters

SO, what's in store for 2011?

1) Scuba diving ( I have to put this on top of the list, but dunno mana mau cari fundings or time for this...but it is still gonna be on top of my list )

2) Gonna have at least 3 songs from JADE sisters to be on air ( fingers crossed for an EP, tidak tau mau korek duit di mana for all this - tapi tidak apa yang penting happy )

3) Continue my studies...hopeful for the middle or end of the year intake ( I am still indecisive on what to study )

4) Spend less, save more ( this is something that I need to keep up )

5) Be healthy and pretty ( losing weight is seriously out of topic sudah. The more I talked about it, the more I gain weight. Jadi biar saja lah )

Itu saja lah. Ok. Thank you very much.


Deanona said...


TaQuiLa said...

satu ko lupa..

stay healthy and beauty all the time~!

tu baaa..barulaaaaa 2011~!

Mas Light said...

That is one big family ;D

Happy new year ;D

Joan said...

deanona & massy -> happy new year!

sheila --> be healthy and pretty ..ada sudah tu..sewaktu dengannya..hehe

Georgie J said...

ok sa scoop tu no 3-5 resolutions! wakaka.uiks, awal juga fkr2la apa, nnt roger sa.ada juga kwn d usm nnt.wait?!! didi i mention usm?hahaha konpemla ba sana tu kn.
;p ;p ;p

CathJ said...

Happy new year teacher.. :D

Amanda Christine Wong said...

LOL. all the best with those resolutions! :D