Friday, January 07, 2011

Delayed Day 19 = whats in your make up bag

let us see what's in the bag, or rather the case...

1) Foundations, compact powders, loose powders and eyeshadows

I really have problematic skin thats why I keep buying different brands especially for foundations.

2) Lipstick and lipgloss

Which is the rarest item that am gonna us

3) Fake lashes and the glue

Doll-like eyes is a must. But I am lazy all the time.

4) Eyebrow gel and mascara

The eyes are the most important for the face for me.
and since the case very susah to buka and tutup kalau mau rushing. Some are on my vanity counter supaya senang disambar ketika rushing for something. Hehe.


Mas Light said...

zomg, I dun even have any make up XD

chegu carol said...

wah joan, salute lah sama ko punya make up box! make me realize i dont have that many make up to think about buying a make up box.

Joan said...

massy..tipulah..mesti ada tu

carol..make up box saja besar tu..tapi jarang juga guna everything..