Thursday, January 13, 2011

Delayed Day 24 = Meaning behind your blog name

I guess this one is referring to Joan says...

It's pretty much straight forward isn't it? Everything that is being posted in this blog is literally the things that I said but in blog posts. ^_^

I used to have different names cause it changes according to my blog themes from time to time. But at some point, I decided to keep "Joan says".

It's just simple and straight forward.

p.s:(an unrelated story ) During dinner time, I didn't realize I was eating fried chicken fillets because I swear it really did taste like fried fish. Only when I finish eating, my sister told me it is chicken.

" Sedap oh ni ikan, rasa macam ayam " I said.

Then my sis cakap memang pun ayam tu.

HAHAHAHA. I felt so stupid ni.

It seriously taste like fish bah. Could be the oil that my mom used to goreng that chicken la maybe.

I feel stupid... Hehehe!


Amanda Christine Wong said...

honest mistake XD

Onderay said...

ka ka ka ..
ada orng bodoh