Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Day 1 = 15 facts about me

Funfacts, nonsense facts, interesting facts, all about me

Fact 1: I love Pink!
*period* .. I used to love blue so much back then and I dont have any idea how on earth I end up lovin' pink

Fact 2: The first sport I learned is swimming
People always think that my first sport is football. Nah, its swimming. Started at the tender age of 4 or 5

Fact 3: Started playing the ukulele in Jan 2010
Yea, just this year. It's just one of my new year resolution to learn something new this year. And I did!

Fact 4: I have very tagap betis!
Pindik-pindik tagap. Always get teased for that and people always say thats the reason I can't really fit in the Unduk Ngadau world. Pffft!

Fact 5: My ambition was to be an astronaut
But I decided otherwise after learning that the chances to be one only happens when one astronaut dies. Okay, you can laugh at me now.

Fact 6: Hearts cupcakes
This is one of the things that made me all soft in the inside...

Fact 7: I love lights
Be it candles, lamps, chasing lights, sun, moon, stars, aurora...anything. Dreamy, beautiful lights to be exact. My sister always marah me when I go to the lights section at any store. Jangan bili dia bilang! Hehe

Fact 8: A cry baby
Yes, I cry a lot. I am an egg. Looks tough but I crack easily

Fact 9: I love my pets
Tom-tom, Jem-Jem, Uncle Tua, Piku, Cholo Emilyana Fuentabella ( <- she is the youngest, kitten btw ) and ooh the fishes. But the fishes don't have names.

Fact 10:Polaroid rocks!
I don't care even if the film is expensive.

Fact 11: I always wish I have a walk-in wardrobe
To store all the nonsense in the world of mine

Fact 12: I am a certified lifeguard
Ah, not like in the picture lah. Itu lifeguard pantai. Mine is for swimming pool only. They have different licence you know. But my licence expired sudah..Haha.. Malas mau renew because mau ambil test balik..

Fact 13: Scared of donating blood not talking about the monthly donation. That one is different. I iz scared with the one with the syringe.....Argggghhhhh!!!

Fact 14: I have very problematic skin and scalp
Can't just use any products. My skin is crazy!!

Fact 15: Scared of ghosts stories
Yeah, seriously. I always avoid this. I admit; saya memang penakut


Mas Light said...

;D yay, I have more info. about u ;D didn't know you have a lifeguard license, I think it's kewl. *envy I can't swim! I love blue too oye! apamacam can convert to pink oh, omg.

chegu carol said...

wahhhh u can swim! and a lifeguard license! thats so cool.

LOL! Didnt know that particular fact about becoming an astronaut. Dlm erti kata lain, kalau dpt jadi astronaut...forever and ever laitu smpai mati jadi astronaut kan...tiada tempoh bersara hehehe

Mimi said...

Now I know more about you! :P

I love pink too! Both the color and the artist! hehe

Lindut a.k.a Carmel said...

sa punya betis pun besar gila nie.tpi peduli apa sa.Huminodun pun orang Dusun mah.that means tagap jg betis..hehe

TaQuiLa said...

Cholo Emilyana Fuentabella <-- loving this name? teda nick name ka ni?

LaViaP said...

eh sama lah no. 13, takut darah juga. but i've overcome my fear, of donating blood on my own. darah masih fobia lah hehehe