Thursday, December 09, 2010

Day 9 = a song to match your mood ( hmm )

I did this yesterday. So, gonna continue on the 30days blog challenge. Gonna redo the yesterday-supposed-to post now.

Day 8 = Your Dream Wedding

Ah ha! I bet everyone are like so keen to know whats my take on this. For some people, they have dream about their wedding days since they were small, having fantasies right from a very young age ( I guess influenced by the Disney fairytales ) to have their dream wedding.

I want to wear this kind of dress. I want to get married at this particular place. I want this type of ring. and the list goes on....

Sadly, I don't have that dream wedding thingy. Am I not normal?

I guess I can figure things out about my dream wedding when I finally feels like getting married kan.

Still I am wondering am I not normal not to have the dream wedding?

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chegu carol said...

ermmm tell u the truth, i didnt have mine until i was engaged. so yeah, i guess it is normal.