Monday, July 11, 2016

Online shopping glory

I have been avoiding Zalora for quite some time before 2016. The mister has a lot of Zalora vouchers and he wanted to give it to me but I usually decline it. Then, I tried buying one item on Zalora. Then another, then another, then another. OMG. Hahaha.

I sometimes put things on my wishlist and monitor the price whether it will be included in Zalora's seasonal offers or not. Suffice to say I manage to get some nice items with good price. Especially those evening gowns with sequins and all. But, who in the world will wear this stuff on a regular basis. Come on. Tsk tsk tsk.

*I don't care!I am just gonna keep it!* - hoarder symptoms. LOL

Just wanna share with you all my recent purchase. A sequined long skirt. It's a straight cut skirt. Wishing it is a mermaid cut though. Anyhow, it is nice! Love it. It is actually from the Zalia collection for Raya by Zalora. But can also lah. (btw, this is not a paid post okay)

image of Zalora Skirt Zalia Collection
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I paired this up with a simple black top that I got from Nichii.

image of Zalora Skirt Zalia Collection

It is a rare time when I get to dress up and get dolled up. Usually I will always be in workout clothes. Haha.

Vainpot selfie
image of clutch in gold
Golden fan clutch is from


TaQuiLa said...

sa masi ada itu 'guilty-feel-syndrome' yang mcm ni " nda pa, beli ja dulu, kasi simpan, sebab offer " ..last-last nda terpakai huhu..

ba, kalau masi ada voucher yang banyak itu, kasi share share..LOL

beaty said...

so lawa !!!