Sunday, November 15, 2009

pink brain

Remember this "dog"? Hehe. His name is Poku.

And so I left him in my VS bag then my cat, Piku went to accompany him. Dia sendiri pigi join ni. Hehe. Together, inside the bag. cute kan?

Hmm. I miss home. Baru berapa hari pun homesick sudah. haha. apa la ni.

Still, life goes on here. My handphone so sunyi la btw, tolong la sms or call la. anyone? Ni tempat pun memang very sunyi juga. huhu

I am supposed to finish up the script and prepare for my public speaking topic but I am the princess of procrastination. No last minute pressure and everything will be slow and steady. Moreover, the topic I got is on recycling campaign. huh. So sien.

Went out just now and I bought this...

saw Xia Xue and Aida blogged about this before, now only I saw one on the shelf a hypermart.

Pink chips lagi tu.
Me loves!

p.s: I have trouble sleeping early but I have to during this KISSM because all the program starts at 8am. help~help..


Annie said...

kissm, kmu perlu stay 2 whole weeks there? wah.. homesick la tu..

cute la your cat! haha pandai join sendiri..

Suis Rusak said...

uwaaa.. piku yg comel!!!

Mas Light said...

LOL! cat in a bag LOL