Monday, November 23, 2009

On my bed

Yes. I am loving the speed. yeah baby! Blogging with no worries that the line will suddenly disappear being blown away by the wind.

Currently at home, just for tonight though. The KISSM is still on but I am taking this chance to go home and do some laundry and have to go back to Tuaran for some ongoing project.
Done my part for my suara katak. Production is ongoing. Updates on this soon.

Busy-busy end of the year. I guess many of us is facing the same thing as well.

Btw, KISSM is making me fat. Dang. Must get in shape in December!

Oops. it's 1 am already. Need to wake up early to go to school to take care of another project. Don't remind me to get myself studying for my KISSM exam on Wednesday...huhuhuhu


Earthy Emily said...

For what album ni Joan? Nice.. :) I feel like I haven't been singing forever. Sigh..

Amanda Christine Wong said...

wow, u're gonna have an album of your own?

Joan said...

christmas album. choir style.