Friday, November 06, 2009

Frown go away!

Initially, I felt like listing down all the things that I need to do before the school "officially" ends by the 13 of Nov. Yet, it felt so wrong to tell the world of my troubles as if I am the only one who is so damn busy and just don't have time for everything.

Bottom line is I just cant stop frowning these few days and I can't seem to breathe under the pressure and I can easily snap at people straight away.

Let's just say that everyone wants a piece of you. One moment you are talking to someone about a project, somebody is also asking a question about something, then at the same time you need to take some stuff from a place but at the same time you need to be at another place to get things done.

Time is also a factor.. Who in the world invented the time concept anyway? Bikin susah ni

So, pardon me for being rude or cold this past few days and for the coming 2 weeks. Not your fault, its just me.


JerryInc said...

time is a concept never invented by anyone..its an intrinsic part of us telling us the exact moment of every situation :p

Mas Light said...

Take a moment and breathe Joan. breathe ;)

TaQuiLa said...

sa jelos kamu cuti suda next week!!!

chegu carol said...

lain cerita, sa suka hair band ko :)