Thursday, November 05, 2009

Muka Tebal

Girls and their stuff.

Nail polish, accessories and what not. Yes we are such complicated being. Not to mention the crazy mood swings and the sudden I-am-not-talking-to-you-and-please-read-my-mind moments.

But please don't stereotype girls. We, in general are human and being human, we are totally not the same.

Just because you see I wear so much make up for an event, it doesn't mean that am a girl who puts on mascara and loads of face powder when I go out. In fact, I rarely wear make up when I go out. In case you doesn't know, it was a Halloween Party and yes people do dress up. WHY in the world you people can't get that?

Anyway, here's one answer to the people who said I put on too much make up..



Anonymous said...

Uih sepa yg cakap tu ah?? well I thought you looked SUPERB. obviously they dunno what Halloween is. Kalau ko pakai mekap pontianak ko rasa drg cakap ka tu ah? klu buruk diam2 klu lawa bru mo ckap. satu ja maksud dia tu.. jeles. tsk tsk tsk. kalaupun pakai mekap tebal2 di luar.. suka ati juga bah klu sa. ahhaha.

chegu carol said...

misti ada urg tia puas hati tingu ko be'cantik2 tu mlm tu kan joan...

CathJ said...

When they said that to you??? On the Halloween???? OMG if you answer yes.. I think your make up was just natural!!! Very nice... Compare on my face.. Simen 5 karung...Paitung habis..

aisehhhh... so many people jeles at you lor... ^_^

Joan said...

post halloween comments la.not at the event of course.yang di event of course know la what halloween is all about.pemerhati gambar2 la tu yang ada yang nda paham mangkali..

ah..peduli la tu.still suka hati ma kan. ahaha

TaQuiLa said...

dorang jeles jak tu kawan..hehee

eii, sa suka gambar tu kan dalam tu pix..ahahhaaa

Joan said...

sheila.ya ko la bah dalam tu gambar tu..ehehe.

pre SBG prep tu.ahaha

kuai said...

whatever la to dear.. yang sa tau, u r one of the best costume that night.. plus, u look so barbie!! even i pun balik2 review/zoom ur picture nih.. wakakaka.. dun get me wrong ah, but i really impressed how the make up done.. ur skin look so pink and fair and smooth. so ngam with ur blond hair.. belum lagi ur eyes lashes.. and ur smile yang cute.. ^_^

cheer up kio..:) hugs*

sweet-girlicious said...

e2 org sibuk jak tu...jeles kali x pandai make up kali dorg..suka ati la ba kan.ehheh

Anonymous said...

eee teruknya tu orang ann...hiskk..
ktara btul teda life punya orang ni..

and again,i learn that "the only way weak people wanna be stronger,is by condemning the strongers to make them look strong"..ngam kaitu?ahhahaha..awal pagi melalut