Thursday, November 12, 2009

Blog Hiatus ~ KISSM

Just in case anyone had been missing me...hehe. Currently am at Beringgis Beach Resort, Papar. Today is the 2nd day and am so gonna be here for the coming 14 days. Huhu. Cry2.

This KISSM is sort of a last minute case. Got a phone call when I was on the middle of chaos on Monday. I don't really have a choice on this matter. KISSM is mandatory for the confirmation of our post. *those who doesn't understand this, dont ask me to explain more. saya malas*

So being a last minute plan, it ruined the whole planning of my November

1) I am so gonna be missing all the sessions of my latin dance class
2) The trip to Keningau on 14th is at stake
3) Salsa night on 21st also a question mark still
4) My trip to Penang is cancelled



This is a stay in programme. So our day basically starts at 7 in the morning for breakfast and sessions throughout the day till 10pm. With meal breaks in between of course. Hectic is the word I can say.

Yet, I managed to go back home during the 3 hours gap this afternoon. The journey was tiring because I have to drive myself after a long day. I almost langgar another car at a roundabout because my mind drifted away for a while. Thank God the brake works!

Tired and sleepy maybe. Ok good night peeps.


TaQuiLa said...

no worries..kgu ang penang won't go away jugak.hehhehe

have fun in KISSM

Vienne said...

Good for u at least u already got KISSM. me? im still waiting for it..hope next year la

chegu carol said...

jadi tiadalah kita huha2 bisuk ni?
oh well...priority is important altho' i wonder why the last minute call.

Joan said...


harap2 bisuk saya dapat melarikan diri ni..fingers crossed

CathJ said...

uh-huuu....... what to do... ;-p

lama lagi tu... yaiksss... ^_^

Ned Pungawon said...

its not that bad really... you miss one thing, you gained another thing.. lets be positive.. people give lemon, you make ice-lemonade with an umbrella on top of, served in a beautiful crystal clear glass... :)