Tuesday, November 17, 2009

short updates

1) Finished my "pengucapan awam"

Always being comfortable on stage doesn't really help when it comes to being evaluated for your public speaking in front of 99 other fellow teachers.

I survived though.

2) Starting to get comfy with this place

After almost a week I am here. Things are getting into place and I think I can complain less. Haha. Another week more I think then I don't wanna go home anymore. Gets me thinking of living by my own. Say what? Freedom!!!

Yes, all the whining all this while are merely just the transition blues.

3) Assignments and exams

More coming our way definitely. The studying part is the one dreaded most. How can I study all about PKPA, Perintah Am, Arahan Keselamatan and other government service related stuff. Ugh!

Exams are definitely scary..

4) Skin irritations

Yes, its back. My skin is peeling all over. Making it worse its on the scalp and on face. People here at the KISSM must think that I have some terrible skin disease. Ugly.

I need my meds!

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