Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pengubat Lara

To entertain myself and to pujuk myself for not sulking because of this program here, blogging is the only relief.

On the first day of lectures which was yesterday. Am still alive.

Then today, urgh! Information overload.

I am going gaga with this place because of the sudden switch. Nice place, good food, (it is a resort after all~ a shabby one though) Yet, the going out of the comfort zone. No high speed internet, not much channel selection on the tube, not being able to do the activities that I usually get to do. ~ Sigh!

Individual assignments, group assignments, public speaking...exam @_@. I have long forgotten this part of the miserable life of a student. And everything is like dejavu now.

Yes, I am such a cry baby. Whiner also. Hate me if you wish to do so. I can't help but not to be a princess...Ahaha.


Earthy Emily said...

It is actually very leceh. But just hang in there. You'll survive.

chegu carol said...

i wouldnt like it either but yeah...1 week more to go right?