Friday, November 23, 2012

No power

Enough with the frustration of slow Internet connection, it hasn't gotten any better today either. Thank God, my mood did. That was after a sumptuous breakfast. Can't really turn down the temptations. I had fish tomyum for breakfast. That made my morning cheerful. Despite knowing the fact that I've gained a few kilos since the hols started. Gah!!!

Spent the whole morning and afternoon spring cleaning my hard disk on my laptop. It is a tedious task for a disorganized person like me. Sorting out the photos and music was the one that took a lot of time.

And I came to realize that my passion for photography was only during 2009 and 2010 ( it shows in the amount of photos taken ). 2011 is a lazy year and 2012 is even a lazier year. Maybe 2013 will be the laziest. So much for the craze with DSLR before eh? My Flickr account is abandoned like an old castle in Europe too.

After being frustrated a lot with the Internet connection then the electricity goes out. Blackout now. So, I am lying on my bed and ranting my hearts out via my phone. At least the 3G connection is still there to console this frustrated heart.

Bah nanti lagi la saya sambung komplen. I really do have a lot of time pondering over my life this holiday la.

P.S: So, teachers. Apa la kamu bikin ni cuti?

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chegu carol said...

my flicker serves as place to store photos for my blog saja these days :)