Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wine Red

It's the color of the season. Hell yeah it is!

So, the holidays is in full swing now. Since the parents are not in because they are away for vacation. Me and my sisters really are like "orang bujang" at home. No one to boss us around. Hehe. *Yeah, the perks of living with parents, you are always a baby no matter what your age is*

No vacation away from the country for me this year. It was kinda odd just to stay at home during the hols but I actually have a lot of things to do. Just that laziness is a big hurdle. Haha. I really have to drag myself to workout everyday. Holidays always means its the time to gain weight; I really hope not this time. But waking up late is such a bliss!

Parents not in! Let's throw a party. Ngeh! Not gonna happen.

I have to take care of the household, chores, groceries shopping and what not. The big sister's responsibility. Besides, both my sisters are still in school (one in college and the other sitting for SPM), so they are kinda excused to get away with some house chores.

Being the kakak, I deserve to have a full glass of wine anytime of the day. Even after lunch. Hmmm, life is good with a glass of red wine.

Ni la wine RM12 yang sa baru testing power. Inda sadap! If you ever come across this wine in Labuan, don't buy it. Those in the boxes ( Stanley or Peter Vella ) lebih sedap. This one is very sour and it gave the tongue a little funny after taste to it.

Apa-apa pun, a glass of wine really gets the blood pumping well. ^_^


Just said...

Kalau p labuan, confirm ber-wine! hihihhi

Amanda Christine Wong said...

They say a glass of wine PER DAY is good for u. Ba pa lagi :D

Amanda Christine Wong said...

They say a glass of wine PER DAY is good for u. Ba pa lagi :D

Jue said...

Bagus tu minum wine, sekali sekala..Kasi panas2 badan..heheh