Saturday, November 10, 2012


Anybody who knows how to count from 1 to 20 will surely find something interesting with the date today. Well, since it is a special date today, a lot of couples are tying the knot today.

At the St John Church Tuaran today itself, there were 5 couples getting married. 2 couples at 9am and another 3 at 10am. I sang in the choir for the 9am wedding blessing and stayed on for the 10am wedding mass because another friend was one of the 3 couples.

Come school holiday and end of the year, wedding invites came like waterfall. There's no single weekend without a wedding invitation this November. But since the school holiday has officially started and it will only last for a month and a half, I gotta make the most out of it. Gotta spend the holidays wisely.

To kick start the first official day of the school break, it was the beautiful wedding of my two dear friends. Dierdre (Serra) & Melvin (Neo). Both of them are my childhood friends, it is their destiny to spend their lifetime together. Forever starts today. Congrats you two!

It was indeed a happy day for all. Now am back to my book and with Taylor Swift belting out numbers from her latest album Red playing over my laptop speakers. Awesome record!

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