Thursday, November 15, 2012

Solitary Solitude

How's the school break so far?

I am currently everywhere these days. While visiting the mister in Labuan after being deployed to be offshore for 37days, someone has to go off again for another job in Brunei.

So, am currently in Miri to kasi kawan and just to know that the mister tidak jadi pigi Brunei. There you go, nothing can really be planned these days.

Hmmmm. Apa bulih buat la? It's good enough someone is in the same time zone with me now. Long Distance Relationship (LDR) do sucks but I survive. Since my flight to Miri is courtesy of the company of the mister, so can't complain much.

Am flying off in the evening later while the mister is already enroute to Penang to see his folks. In the meantime, I am enjoying the solitude in front of my laptop.

It's quite rare for me to write about my relationship on my blog right? Haha. Blame the writer's block when you are terribly missing someone.

Okay now back to studying song arrangements.

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