Monday, November 12, 2012

Puppy Love

Looking at the long list of wedding banns at the church weekly newsletter, it startled me a bit to see the names of the people who have "chased" me before is finally tying the knot. Good for them and everyone. Life is indeed of full surprises.

Love life history is the bittersweet memories of growing up. Ahahahaha. It's kinda funny to recall back those days. Stupid and young. But some may end up not in good terms with me until now. Hehe. Some people hold grudges but I don't. I wish them the best for their future. Besides, I don't have any hard feelings of them for not inviting me to their wedding. Ex-flames at weddings sometimes isn't a good idea. You agree?

Now that everyone is in their own path of their lives, the stories of the past will only serve as memories and none of the hard feelings should be taken. Time heals.

Things always happen for a reason.


Jue said...

Yes...things happen for a reason...
* I'm following you..*

Joan said...

Thanks for following..and i've followed you back.. Cheers!