Thursday, November 22, 2012

Frustrating evening

Internet slow!!! Yes it is seriously frustrating. Who else is experiencing bad connection with their Streamyx line for the past three days.

The connection is totally unstable. Intermittent connection that's all I got. It's frustrating when you are doing some important transaction online and it got interrupted. Gosh!

Watching videos on YouTube is like waiting for a constipation to pass while you are sitting on the throne (toilet). Torturing!!! I rather have a wedgie than to wait for a video to load. Oh, how I missed the fast Internet connection in Seoul. Damn you Streamyx!

And adding salt to the wound. The MacBook that I am using now is super slow and keeps crashing every now and then. Bad Internet connection + slow poke computer. I am so close of destroying the MacBook; thank God it's not mine. Thinking that it is on loan so I shouldn't kasi hempas itu barang.

This is totally a frustrating night. Two of the only audio mixing software that I know are so hard to use now that I forgot everything. Everything everything just just seems to fall apart now. Argh!!!!

I better go sleep now but my bed smell of pusisang lagi. Apa lagi ni kumbang buduh pigi kacau katil sa ni???? Sial betul.

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Amanda Christine Wong said...

hahaha...i can only imagine ur frustration! lek joan!