Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ponder Wonder

I woke up late today. It was almost 8am when I got off from my bed. But I haven't fully woken up right until the time I am typing this post. Kurang bersemangat lah ini hari. Just felt like surfing the net and do nothing but hey life have to go on right?

Hmmm. I saw some articles about one of my favourite artist. She said she was lucky to be involved with the music scene which don't require to be someone else and how her sounds should sound like.

Sometimes I wonder whether it is true that artist like this should ever exist in this business. Or maybe it was just a statement to prove that he/she is indeed a true indie artist.

Most of the pop scene that I know, they are "manufactured" to be a star. Their looks and sounds have been created to meet the demands of the current music market.

Back to being a true independent artist. How independent they are on deciding how their songs will turn out to be? Sigh. I am giving much thought about this because I am currently at the writer's block zone for writing lyrics these days.

I just can't write anymore. Totally a black out zone. Maybe I need to do some soul searching and more reading to get the magic back. Besides I am pretty much demotivated when I know some other artist really shine with their lyrics. How do they do that? Cinta Muka Buku song on Juara Lagu Finals..like uhm Hello..

Moreover being here in Borneo, we don't have enough folk/indie music scene platform to prosper. Over at the western side of this nation, a lot of platform and gigs for budding talents to shine. It seems there are less people who are into folk/indie music here. Even cinta muka buku also can gain interest just because the singer is from the west Malaysia. There are tons of other good music over here but we are just not over there to prosper.

Even Guba, the sabahan singer made it big over in west Malaysia. Or the band called HWC. Whatever local here who are with English songs usually will only get the smirk telling us off that some international stars are better than us. Or some worse cases getting laughed at. Hmmm, so much for supporting their own people. You know why K-Pop is a phenomenon now? In Korea, in their shops and shopping outlets, they only play their music. ONLY K-Pop and they don't really worship international stars.

I guess people over here only listen to Sumazau songs? Correct me if I am wrong but the taste of music over here is more about people with low self esteem trying to marry a rich/pretty lass. I might be wrong. There are other people with other taste of music but MOST of the people are like this.

Sigh, sigh and sigh. Should I conform to the society's interest about low self esteem and write a song about that as well?

What kind of lyrics do you like?



Amanda Christine Wong said...

hey, u can write about exactly what u just posted! but jaga kena hentam ja la :D

Joan said...

ya kan..boleh juga..but i sked kena hentam la ni..hehe