Friday, January 27, 2012

Chinese New Year Week

Festive food, firecrackers, fireworks, angpau, alcohol and gambling. That totally summarizes my Chinese New Year holidays. Ushering the dragon year totally with a BANG. 

I really enjoyed watching the massive display of fireworks all around. Prefer to watch only, the sounds made by the fireworks at the stroke of midnight really made the whole neighbourhood "bergegar". And also sending all the dogs and cats to a state of panic. Kesian segala anjing dan kucing. I guess their super sensitive ears really can't take the loud sounds of firecrackers and fireworks. ( and oh, kesian juga about the incident of the man who died because of the firework at one of the housing area in KK kan? )

So, it is back to work day today. I guess some of you is really enjoying the whole week off. Ah, sioknya tu dapat cuti satu minggu.

I guess my face looked really upset when I entered the class today until my students also realized I was not in a good mood.

"Cikgu tidak kana bagi angpau ka cigu punya muka monyok ni?" said one student.

I just rolled my eyes. Malas la mau layan ni budak-budak. Sudah lah teda mood mo karaja ni ari.

Also at the same time, my little Kapas is not feeling very well. He got fever since the first day of Chinese New Year. He just don't wanna eat but as advised by the vet today - must make him eat and drink also. 

And apparently the only food that really triggers his appetite now is KFC. Adui. Bankrap lah kalau begini.
Get well soon, Kapas!


Onderay said...

kesian o dia.
dia makan KFC? hahah..minta puji la

chegu carol said...

ya skul sa masi cuti....aduh kesian si kapas. get well soon furball!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

punya cumil si kapas! my dogs pun pandai bertabiat sometimes. if no bones (dari chicken rice), sanggup ah nda mkn satu hari :/