Friday, January 06, 2012

A thank you note

Thank you for keep asking me to change the time table even I have tried my best to make sure you don't get teaching periods at the end of the day. I have taken note that you have morning classes and afternoon classes and I know that you HAVE to go home early. Yes,you have to rest, you have your kids to fetch, your chickens to feed, your kapal layar practice, your dogs to be pampered, your flowers to be watered, the kettle needs to be polished, you have to move house, you have a rare disease...yada exaggerating, I know. Bottom line I am practically a sponge to absorb every pleas that you have. Sudah dapat betis masih mau paha. Sialan. 

Thank you as well for the people who have to assist me. I know when you gave me the cold shoulder and mumbles when I told you that I need help was indeed a very beautiful gesture. You really mean it right? Awwwww, you are so sweet. You REALLY know that I can do this everything by MYSELF. Thank you!

Thank you for keep talking about me being evil for PURPOSELY giving you so much teaching period. Yes, indeed it IS my intention to make your life miserable.I also work for Satan and also the Angel of Death; I can take your life as well because I am EVIIIILLLLLLLLLLL.

Thank you for always referring to me as if I am the reception desk. Yes, I KNOW where the takwim is. Yes, I WILL give you the official school diary. Yes, I will GIVE you the copies of the exam analysis for you to fill in your TOV. Yes, SURE I will print out your class' exam result. Uhm, btw, the last time I check everyone do have the password to log in to SAPS. But sorry to inform everyone that SAPS portal now is under maintenance. 9th January onwards it will be available okay? Ding Dong..Sekian pengumuman. I am indeed the reception desk.

Again the SAPS will only be accesible by next week. I CAN ONLY give you the what nots analysis by next week. Thank you for being PATIENT.

Uhm, ya I understand that the boss is pestering you about your project but analysis is available next week. NEXT WEEKKKKKKK!!!!!! Thank you for letting me know I have a very short fuse when I am under pressure too. -_-

Thank you for the new policy to make Bahasa Malaysia a glorified language and English a colonizing language. I am very good in translating my lesson plans from English to Malay .Yipee! My brain is a translating machineeeeeee... Oh, wait I can google translate it JUST LIKE what the Ministry of Defense did for their ethical clothing etika pakaian.

Thank you for making me a maid. Yes, I will clean the house and do the dishes and laundry and cook lunch before I go to work and by the time I finish work, I will straight away go to the market and buy things to cook dinner. All your wish is my command MASTER. Now, I shall have dinner when everyone is asleep. Yeah, slaves can't eat at one table with their master.

I am very much indeed happy and pleased that everyone needs me! Yeay! I am the MOST important person in the world! Hurray! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

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TaQuiLa said...

lek ko moi..just a phase of life baitu ~ :P

take good care of urself!