Thursday, January 12, 2012

SAPS - not very smart

Oh God, who would have thought? SAPS is totally a nightmare.

Any fellow teachers reading this, I guess you will understand what I am trying to say. You maybe in the same shitty situation or maybe not. My bet is that most of you are not in this situation because

A) You have back up copies of your students' mark for the last semester two exams
B) You are a smart and efficient class/form teacher who had printed out your students' exam result before 2011 ends
C) You are not the Setiausaha Peperiksaan for Tingkatan Dua

I relied to much on the SAPS that I didn't do a backup copy of my students' Maths result. I told myself *nanti lah saja..nanti-nanti* then now mati. Huhu.  I kept on delaying the effort to back up the result because November and December were busy like mad! Now FML too.

Since I have been waiting from the green light from the boss to print out the exam results' before the school holiday and the boss told me to get it done only after everyone have key-ed in their marks. ( which indirectly means when the school reopens ). Now all the form teachers' of Form Three are after me now since I am also the S/U Peperiksaan of Form Two.

Even the Ketua Panitia(s) are after me because they need to key in TOV for their subjects and what not. Also the Head of Bimbingan dan Kaunseling balik-balik cari saya because they need the analysis to stream students accordingly.

And it is all because the SAPS ( after it was upgraded recently ) - no one can access the 2011 data. ( not even the head of the Unit Setiausaha Peperiksaan )-> WTH!!!! and they ( the people who maintain the SAPS ) simply did this without notifying the school that we can't access 2011 data anymore when it is already 2012. Macamana la ni?

Solution for the time being is back to the old software at school. Annnnnnnnnndddddd I need to ask the other teachers to key in the marks AGAIN. Oooh, I am so gonna be the world's greatest enemy at work now. Huhu.

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