Sunday, January 01, 2012

Thank You 2011 and now Hi 2012!

What do you have in store for me dear 2012?

I guess getting used to write the date will be quite troublesome during the first week of January 2012 right? Even while typing this post, I have to constantly press the backspace when I typed out the year. Haha. Happened to you as well? Yeah,virtual HIGH 5!!!

So, cut the beating around the bush to the topic for today. Ah...the resolutions.

This year am gonna have 6 resolutions. Plus, recycled resolutions also are allowed. Haha! Its not because its my favourite number but am allowing myself a duration of two month average for a resolutions to get done. 6 x 2 = 12 months. a year lah tu. Gosh! why do I have to be so mathematical?!

The 6 things that I want to achieve this year:

1) Scuba diving licence
Recycled resolutions. Yea I know. Hihi

2) Get my band's EP done
Soon..soon..soon. Crossing fingers for this

3) Blog more
Yeah, serious! Also do follow my 365 days oops its leap year; 366 days ( a photo a day ) blog 

4) Learn a new musical instrument
Bongo! Come on... hehe. Am so bad with rhythm. So let's see. Haha

5) Get at least another RM2000 saved in my savings account
A specific target, its a must. If not, I will only be bank in RM1 every month in result, I only have RM12 savings per year. Saving money its like the hardest thing to do. Its a battle of will power. Even if you have saved some in the bank, the tendency to get the money out is always there. Again its always will power

6) Eat less meat and exercise regularly
God! please help me on this. Don't take away my meat from me. I love meat. Must have it all the time but the diet must be well balanced right. Adoi, eating healthy is totally a challenge cos I LOVE MEAT! Exercise...yeah, I start tomorrow la. Today rehat dulu. Ngehehehe..


Amanda Christine Wong said...

LOVE meat too. btw, one way for me to definitely save tanpa escape and alasan is, to take the asb loan. have to pay every month, if u dont, kena charge penalty. plus ada bunga besar by the end of the year, AND the whole sum of money by the term ends :D

chegu carol said...

you? bad with rhythm? kalo ko yg pandai nyanyi, pandai main gitar, pandai main ukele pun mau cakap bad with rhythm...hmmm what that makes me? suda lah sa nyanyi karaoke pun pandai miss queue hahaha

anyways, all the best for your 2012 resolutions!

Joan said...

amanda.. we are carnivores! hehe. yea good idea juga asb loan tu. terus masuk savings kan. but sa ada housing loan and car loan lagi tambah bingung banyak loan mo dibayar ni.

chegu..hehe, seriously am bad with rhythm ni. sudah try sikit2 tu bongo. macam apa saja main ni, pandai karas tu tangan..susah oh