Thursday, January 05, 2012

First day of school

Starting a new week of school on Wednesday is kinda awkward but I am loving it. Because Friday will come fast! Owh yeah!!!!!

I was late to school yesterday, clocked in like 20 mins late. Hell yeah, I am the boss. So much for the new excitement for a new school term eh?

The timetable issues that am working on is forever unending. I have been spending two sleepless nights troubleshooting how to make things work yet the outcome is still with mistakes. So, am gonna do some other adjustments by today after a well rested sleep I had last night. I really hope the sleep gonna help. Oops, I almost forgot, tomorrow morning I have an appointment with the printing company ( as usual ) to settle the matters about the school official daily planner.

Am a lone ranger in doing things when actually I have people to assist me. The people know that they have to assist me but I guess they can ignore whats written in the paper. And in the end, I decided not to ask them to help because I will end up explaining things to them and cost me precious time. So, torturing myself alone is the best solution. Just that I must remember to tell my boss that I don't want the posts/tasks anymore for the following year.

Me and my shiny forehead 

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