Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Red Lips


I have always wondered how some women can pull off that red lips look without a care in the world. I mean they DO look good with red lips even when it is meant for going out shopping or having coffee with a friend. Practically anywhere and anytime. For me, I always thought that red lips will always have to go with events like Unduk Ngadau or Photoshoots. Ah, maybe I am stereotyping... But I know for sure red lips is sure gonna be the "in" look these days. Maybe I should wear it with attitude? Tapi takut kana ingat skanky slut Rossa pula..haisshhh




I have been following a few bloggers who really can pull off this red lips look like nobody's business. And they look good. ( or at least I thought they looked good, you may not agree with me ) Plus they usually dress up like the pin-up girls. Love it. And then again, I wonder how does this vintage/pin-up girls style can really be tried out. Or rather when is the best time? I can't imagine I go to school looking like a pin-up girl.

Speaking of vintage. I heard that there's Vintage Tikar Party happening on the 11th of Feb at Lintasan Deasoka, KK. Anyone know any more info about this? Saw someone tweet about this yesterday at my timeline.


AngeL BeaR said...

havent got a full info but there's this thing going on dressing as the 60's 70's held by the North Borneo Enthusiasts group members in Fb. if they really do this..I'll be dead excited! =)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

if i wear bloody red lipstick trus mcm Joker ni :/