Sunday, June 21, 2009

pagi sudah

Yes. it is 2.19 am right now. I am not sleeping. My quarantine week is almost over and on Monday I must meet the garang doctor again. *tapi kira hensom juga la sebab muda lagi saw his ic born 82 ~ wah itu pun boleh nampak ka..hihi*

Yeah. On Monday, I must go to the hospital again for another check up to make the confirmation that my workplace need. Just to be safe than sorry. But, I am perfectly healthy now.

I am kinda sad that life will go back to normal again starting next week. My sister is going back, the Optimus Prime is going back too. My other sister is going back to school too. I have to do all the house chores with only one help. Ohohohoho.

I am sad. Yes I am.

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